Dec 12, 2013
Southern United States
Hello everyone! I'm Kayla!! I currently have a 75 gal freshwater community tank, a 5 gal tank with a guarami, and a Betta bowl! The community tank is the "newest " adventure I started 6 monthes ago when the power company made a mistake in cutting off the wrong house's power.... effectively killing my chiclids but sparing my Guppy tank (which was kind of the big fishes food) . My gups are cool tho, they like to people watch!! So I decided to give them a bigger tank and stop slaughtering them!! Really I made my husband feed them to the aggressive tank, I was way too attached!!

I really enjoy my tank better now!! I also always try to do my research and be a responsible pet owner! Usually I'll get on here with a question because I don't know. I'm extremely judgement free, and I wont ever make someone feel stupid. I hope for the same!