Guppy questions

Dec 29, 2017
On the 26th I bought some Guppys for my ten gallon tank. I bought two males and two females. I didn't know much about them. Besides they need a tropical aquarium and what not. I've been reading more about them and I now know they breed quite easily. I thought it would be kind of cool if they decided too. But they don't seem interested in one another. The first day they all swam like a school. But now they don't acknowledge each other at all. The one male sometimes chase the other fish in the aquarium. I'm having a hard time determining if the guppys are male or female. I assume two are male and two or female since that's how they were sorted at the pet store. Will they breed in a community tank?



Superstar Fish
Jan 11, 2013
East Aurora, NY
Welcome. They certainly will breed provided the right male/female ratio is there. Typically a male will pester a female unless there's several females per one male.

More importantly than that, did you establish a nitrogen cycle in this tank to process the fish's ammonia output?