Gouramis + ghost shrimp?


Superstar Fish
Jan 11, 2013
East Aurora, NY
I've got 4 emerald corydoras in with a large female pearl gourami and a bunch of tetras. I've never seen that gourami be aggressive towards anything at all.

My 10g has ghost shrimp and a dwarf flame gourami. That gourami is a NASTY little bugger, but he doesn't bother the ghost shrimp that I've ever seen.

My 55g has ghost shrimp, female bettas, various live bearers, danios an angel and a tiny honey gourami. Never seen them pay any attention to the ghost shrimp either and the ghosties are always swimming around the tank.

It's possible they get nipped and I don't see it, but I've never seen any of my fish actively pursue the shrimp.