Goldfish missing some scales???

Jun 13, 2011
Temple, Ga
I Moved my 6in Goldfish from a 10 gallon tank into his new 40 gallon tank. There are other fish in there with him. 2 baby comets a white comet and a black moor, 2 loaches and 1 baby african chichld.
They have been in this new tank for 2 weeks now. I just noticed a few days ago that my large 6in Goldfish has lost 3 scales on one side.
None of them are fighting and there are no sharp or pointed ornaments in the tank. What could be causeing him to lose scales. (He is eating ans acting normal *thumbsup2)

(none of the other fish are showing this problem)


Large Fish
Mar 22, 2010
What's the temperature of the water? I'm not that up on loaches, because I think some are cold water, but I know atleast the cichlid is a tropical fish, so if you've got a heater in there for him you might be keeping it too hot for your goldfish. I'd give the cichlid back to where ever you got it from, or if you want to keep it, move him to your 10 gallon because what you've got now is fish that require different water parameters in one tank.


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Jan 12, 2011
I agree with Ryan. There should be no cichlid, but make sure that the loach is a coldwater fish. He might just be stressed a little, but check first with the loach and put the cichlid somewhere else or get rid of it.