gold fish


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Jul 7, 2007
good art.. zig i 2 am glad to see this topic...i have about 8,000 gal devoted to gold fish.. one pond @ bigest you cant see the fish till feeding time. it is a small swiming pool the fish are doing filter no any thing lol...i have noticed black frey is that possable never seen before?? i believe they are fan tails... i put a six inch red and white fan tail in my 1,000 gal. pond he/she has morphed* out to be white any one have an answer to morphing out white..


Large Fish
Nov 16, 2009
Mumbai India
how old is the goldfish which is morphing color ? Goldfish will take real color when they really mature, and it actually fades back to browish/greenish color when they are grow very old. Goldfish are know to keep changing the color during their lifetime. the bright-colors simply dont stay throughout lifetime.

BTW i wish you lived near me, i am looking for pond for my big goldfish pair which are really growing big and need to be ponded.