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Aug 26, 2003
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To help us help you....

Before you post, please look through some of these sites to see if you can identify the disease you have. The first two links here are great places to start.

If you can't work out what your fish have, please post:
Tank size
Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH readings from your tank
How long your tank has been running
The other fish in the tank, and numbers of them
A full description of the symptoms
If there are any spots or lumps, please describe color, texture, size, where they're located on the fish, whether they're growing in size or in number, and which fish are affected.

Here's a quick guide on some disease diagnosis and treatment sites:

Pictoral guide to diagnosing common diseases, with suggested treatments:

Guide to diseases by symptoms, along with treatment recommendations:
Fish Disease, Diseases of Fish, Medications & Fish Health Treatments

Cichlid-Forum's Ich article: one of the best and most comprehensive:

Other info on ich/ick:
Peter's Ich Notes for Freshwater Tropical Fish Aquariums

Flexibacter article:

Koi/Goldfish disease site (with excellent diagnosis help):
Koi and Koi Ponds Water Gardeners Goldfish and Koi Nishikigoi Koi Filtration Pond and Koi Pumps Koi and Pond Supplies

If it's too late, here's an article on humanely euthanizing your fish:
Fish Euthanasia

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Feb 29, 2016
I need some help with my sick oscar he is nose down wont eat ..he has been medicated for internal parasites and is 5 -7 days without food and nose down