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Small Fish
Nov 14, 2015
Hi everyone, I need to get a new filter for my tank. I have a 40 gallon bow corner tank that I've had forever seems like, and the filter I have in there is pretty old. I've always had Whisper filters, or Aqueon filters. I was wondering what you guys thought about canister type filters. Which one do you think is better, easiest to maintain etc. my tank is not real wide but it's deep, and I think that might make it a little harder on the filter? (I honestly don't know, trying to sound intelligent. LOL!) Any suggestions? Thanks!


Elite Fish
Jul 19, 2004
Cape Cod
I like to use Amazon reviews for informed opinions. (You don't have to buy on Amazon but they tend to have the most reviews). I had a used canister years ago but the technology has improved and there are several new brands on the market. The thing to make sure is that maintenance is easy enough that you will do it - if it is a pain in the rear you won't do it as regularly. Being able to open it without spilling water is a good thing also, I think most now allow that but it is a good thing to verify.

Canisters are good for medium to larger tanks like that. You can usually adjust the height of the intake and return pipes to help with the flow in a deeper tank. Or add a power head for water movement lower in the tank.


The Big Fish
The Big Fish
Oct 22, 2002
Sunny Southern California
i've always used canister filters on my tank. i had HOB filters but those just ended up not as good.
to save can go to your LFS and buy sheets of the white filter and cut them to size. found that method to be alot cheaper than buying the actual pre-made white filters to go inside the canister.

we were just talking about canister filters here and my recommendations.