Filbert the Chicken


Superstar Fish
Sep 9, 2010
Chesapeake, Virginia
So I picked up my fire dwarf gourami on Friday. He's a little nipped up on his tail from the store and his little neck feeler thingies were beat up, but already appear to be growing back. The moment I put him in the tank he zipped behind my terracotta pot in the back corner of the tank and rarely moves. He'll eat whenever I put anything in the tank, but immediately goes back to his little sanctuary. He's twice as big as all the other fish in the tank, but he's still a big chicken hiding in the corner.

Is this normal lifetime behavior for dwarf gouramis? Is his skittishness exacerbated because of the fin nipping? Is he still scared because of the new tank? If he's still skittish due to the new tank, how long does it usually take to get over it?

I just never thought a new fish, twice as big as his tankmates, would be this big a chicken.