Figure 8 puffer and dwarf puffers?

Sep 5, 2011
New Jersey
So we recently acquired a 35 gallon tall hex tank from a friend and used it to hold fish while we
sanitized our freshwater 55. I decided i wanted to move my single bumble bee goby from my mudskipper tank into the 35 and turn it into a brackish set up. I moved the goby but didnt make it a full brackish
tank. i set it up with plenty of hiding places and let it cycle, which it did and picked up 3 more gobys
today. I was wondering if dwarf puffers could coexist in this brackish set up with a figure 8, the gobys, and possibly a chromide. i know dwarfs are kept in freshwater but my lfs said they could acclimate and the tank at the store has bumble bees and dwarfs in the same fresh water tank. if i cant, i will slowly
bump up the salinity and get the others, if i can i would like to purchase the dwarfs first and then raise the salinity.

My question has 2 parts.
1. Can dwarf puffers and figure 8's coexist?
2. can dwrafs handle brackish water?

thanks to all of you who can help me in my first post :)


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Feb 13, 2007
Central Illinois
I believe puffers are aggressive to eachother and different kinds of species. more to different kind of species. I dont think that the dwarfs would acclimate well and wouldnt even try it. plus the figure eights get to be a decent size. id just stick with the figure eights.


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Feb 1, 2010
British Columbia, Canada
First off, dwarf puffers are solely freshwater puffers and will not live a long and healthy life in a brackish setup (I strongly disagree with your LFS). Also mixing figure 8's and dwarf puffers would not be a good situation. I think your fish would become very stressed (especially the dwarf puffers).
If you wanted more than one puffer I would suggest getting another figure 8 puffer but if you are planning on adding additional fish (not puffers) then I would watch your stocking level. As puffers are very messy fish and are sensitive to changing/poor water parameters.

Check you this site on figure 8's: Figure 8