Fancy goldfish suited to this tank?


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Jan 10, 2010
I have a 35g tank that i was going to set up for a couple of fancies. I plan on getting them small and upgrading the tank down the road, but for now i figure the 35g tank will do. I've got the tank set up with water and filtering and ran some tests: PH=7.0, KH=4 dKH.

I've got it hooked up to an XP2 canister filter and an Aquaclear 50 (200) that i can use for backup or extra filtration.

The temperature (without using a heater) seems to rest between 74-77 degrees at room temp. This is during the winter, so I expect that the temp would increase in the summer. I've read that fancy goldfish can live in warm water and that they aren't really cold water fishes like common goldfish.

I'm a responsible pet owner, so i want to make sure that i'd be giving them a good home. Otherwise, i might as well explore other stocking options. The family would love having Goldies though...



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Feb 13, 2007
Central Illinois
The goldies should be fine in that water. no need to go out and spend more money unless you want to. if youre worried in the summer then you could just point a fan at the tank to cool it down. lol. but they should be fine in the summer. id imagine your water temp will never get higher than 77. if its not being hit by the sun in your house.

I know there is a DIY setup for cooling water that someone did with a canister filter is taking a container (like a plastic one, maybe an insulated one which might be more pricey) and to fill it with ice and place the canister in it because then all the water going through there will be cooled down by the ice.

The guy lived in another country with scorching temperatures and so that was a cheap and successful way to do it without spending a lot of money. Just a lot of ice tray filling if you don't have a fridge that dispenses/makes ice itself.