Equipment operation cost


Large Fish
Nov 13, 2010
Northeastern Tennessee.
Hello; A few weeks ago I took part in a thread discussing the cost to operate equipment. I have a small meter and decided to test the cost of some of my equipment. I set the meter up and plugged into it an Aqua-Tech 30-60 HOB power filter.
The measure started at 2:30 PM on November 8, 2012. I checked it today(12-1-2012) at 9:41 PM. If my count is correct that is 23 days. The power filter used 3.87 kWh in that time. It drew a steady 0.17 amps if I read the meter correctly. At 12 cents per kWh it calculated a cost of 46 cents. I have not run the numbers to check the meter, but if this is correct it cost two cents per day to operate this particular filter.
I will reset the meter and test a different piece of equipment.


Elite Fish
Jul 19, 2004
Cape Cod
Wow that is darn cheap. Especially with something that is on all the time like the filter. It'll be interesting to see what some of the other equipment clocks in at.