Edge style Wall Tank Design Help

Mar 29, 2017

I have been trying to design a fresh water tropical tank to go in a fairly thin wall with 3 faces exposed.

12mm glass (opti-white low iron Pilkington). Outside dimensions: 110cm x 65cm x 24cm.

I wanted a clean minimal look that will be stable and not break.

3d Animation : http://a360.co/2mQH5fi

The base of the tank sits inside the outer panes and the base of the wall is about 2cm less than the outside tank edge. The top lip of the tank is about 5cm high and the blocks on either side will be glued to the top of the tank and used to keep the tank stable if someone leans on it by transferring the load weight onto the wall sides. (The top part of the wall has extra structure to take such loads although not shown on the animation).

There will be an evaporation lid and spray bar below on the left.

Do you think the tank will be ok in terms of strength?

Thank in advance