Dying gourami?

May 6, 2017
Hello, I'm very new to fish keeping but About a week ago I ordered some fish and plants online. The fish got here a day earlier than the plants, the fish were fine. I acclimated them to our tank and put them in. They were all doing fine, the next day the plant arrived and so we planted them (which I was worried about because they fish might have already been pretty stressed). That was 2 days ago and yesterday I did a water change. The level were quite high and I don't have the things to lower it or raise it right now, I think it helped them a lot!

But before I did the water change one of my 2 Dwarf gouramis died yesterday, now my other gourami is pale, he has some blue but not much he swims in one corner and comes out every once in a while. He doesn't want to eat or go to the surface to get air like he normally does. I left him over night but he's still acting the same, I was considering putting him in a isolation tank i asked my mom what she thought and she told me to leave him and messing with him is not a good idea. She's had fish tanks in the past and knows a lot more than I do. All my other fish are doing fine. Please help! :(