Dropsy, or just fat??


Small Fish
Dec 11, 2011
Hey guys,

My mom takes care of my boy while I'm in college. He was living in a 3 gallon for awhile, but I decided to move him into my 10 gallon tank. He's been there since about February, and when I came home this weekend I noticed that he's gotten a bit pudgey. He has roommates (threadfin rainbows), and he's certainly eating more than his fair share of food. He's definitely gotten larger all around, but he looks like he may have a bit of a small bulge in his tummy, which is what I'm worried about.

His behavior is completely normal, he's eating, very active, and enjoying every inch of his 10 gallons. He's around the whole tank, hanging out at both the top and the bottom. It's heated to 78*F, has a few live plants (there's also an air stone, which apparently stopped working). The filter is baffled and the water parameters are 0,0,30ish. My mom has been doing bi-weekly water changes of about 50%. Sorry that the pictures aren't the greatest, it's hard to get a picture of a fish who's always on the go! Thanks in advance for the help!
20130428_111046 (1).jpg 20130428_111108.jpg