Downlow on Danios

Sep 23, 2016
Hello. I have been researching all the different Danios out there. Before I take the plunge (pun intended):) can you all tell me if these guys are prone to certain diseases or issues easily?
Thank you!


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Jan 11, 2013
East Aurora, NY
Sumtn' welcome!

The danios I've had experience with are zebra danios and celetial pearl danios. Still have them both. Zebras are very hardy fish and are often used to cycle a new tank (establish a proper nitrogen cycle). I keep a group of 4-5 of them in one of my 55g tanks and enjoy them very much. In a healthy environment, the sheen/color of ZDs is amazing to me. Celestial pearls are real pretty little buggers too. I've got a group of 5-6 of them in my 29g. They're quite tiny. I've had all my danios for 3-4yrs now. I've heard that they can live a long time (proper care of course).