DIY LED Lights


Superstar Fish
I figured I would put up some info on my DIY LED lighting I made. I used Rapid LED Home Page and a couple eBay sources to get my parts along with Lowes.
This outer cover is an eves through for the gutter system on a house, its plastic. I still need the right end cap to match the nice one on the left.
This is the under side which shows the LED's mounted to the aluminum channel heat sink (yes they get HOT) which is mounted to the eves through by bolts.
This is a close up of the under side and you can see the thin sheet of plastic mirror I used as a reflector. Since all but two LED's have a focusing lens its not doing much really.
This is a pic of my 75G African tank with the LED heat sink mounted to the upper header support (above the tank, you can see the little white cone shaped LED lens's) on my DIY stand. The white things are like a flash light reflector and point the beam into the bottom of the tank, with out these the LED's are not focus enough and would just flood the top couple inches of water with light.
This is a pic of the main parts to operate and attach the LED's. The gold box is the power supply, the little white things on the plastic strip are thermal stickers to attach the LED's to the aluminum heat sink I bought from Lowe's, the four round things on the left are focusing optics if you with to have a spot of light versus a flood affect and there are many angles of these you can get, the two parts between the Lens's and the thermal stickers are the LED's. These ones are 3 Watt @ 12,000K.

Apr 27, 2012
Lexington, KY
very nice. i did something close to this. Didnt go into as much detail as you did though. All i did was gutted out an old light fixture i had lying around and used high heat silicone to attach a strand of led lights. not as nice looking as yours, but it got the job done and the fish love it.