brackish shrimp?

Jan 6, 2009
Western Australia
So i would realy like to get some shrimp for my 20gallon molly tank? Ive never kept them before. I want them to help clean the tank along with my malaysian trumpet snails. They will have to be brackish water shrimps and id like it if they were quite hardy. I was having a look at ghost shrimp but i dont think they would stand out in my tank as i have a white sand substrate. Also i want them to be peaceful and a species my mollys wont bother or visa versa? will shrimp eat my snails?


Superstar Fish
Jan 12, 2011
Shrimp don't eat snails. You can get some Ghost Shrimp or some Red Cherry Shrimp << Very Hardy!! Also, take not that Shrimp do eat algae, but not a whole bunch. Shrimp are mainly scavengers and eat fish waste and fish food that falls to the bottom. I'm getting about 8 Ghost Shrimp for my tanks.