Working on my collection here... *SUNSMILE*

P. lapradei. Only good shot I've managed to get was the day I bought it, in the bag. It's been hiding in the plastic plants ever since and only patrols the tank when there's food about.

I love my Delhezi!

It gives off this ridiculously sexy green sheen.

My rescue Poly. I've always wanted an ornate. Both of it's eyes are really bad, has a crooked fin and a little dent in it's body but I loves him. :blushing:

After (a little thicker)

I'm looking for a nice Endlicheri for my next poly but I can't help but want more of the ones I already have. They're so funny!


ive always found bichirs really interesting fish, but i beleive they get super big right?
Not too big. Most reach around 2', a few get up to 3' (one gets a little bigger).
They'll eat anything that fits into their mouth but their not really aggressive...or active for that matter.
My delhezi's always cruising around but they're not the up and down and back and forth bustling with activity types.

It's a measly 80 gallons. After I get my pond these guys will be moving to either the pond or other tanks. For now I heavily overstock most of my tanks, taking advantage of a fish's age, temperament and heavy stocking's ability to reduce aggression. But as you can imagine upkeep is high.
I'll be moving my Malawi's into this tank.
The wood? I uhhh....I stoled it. :D
Somewheres between San Simeon and Cambria (CA). I have no idea what kind of wood it is other than, technically, it's "driftwood - as it drifted in from the sea, but I think it's mostly stuff that gets washed down from logging places up north.

Nov 19, 2008
Des Moines, Iowa
those are some beautiful bichirs. i need to get a pic up of mine. mine is VERY active and swims around the tank ALL the time. hard to get a pic of him most of the time. and so does my buddys. his is around 11" right now. its crazy that you all say yours are kinda boring. mine has a hell of a personality. he even follows me around and definitely knows when feeding time is. mine loves the comets but i havent had much luck feeding him these rosy red minnows (i think thats what they are, only get to 1" and cost me 12 cents). swims to the top, bottom and side to side really fast. he is ALWAYS out and barely hiding.