Aug 22, 2010
i have an empty 3 gallon tank sitting around and i thought that i would put a betta fish it soon. ive been doing alot of research online and i heard that you can put more than 1 female betta in a tank, but you have to have more than 2, because one will dominate the other, so i was wondering if it would be ok if i were to put 3 females in a 3 gal. im an animal lover, and would hate to torture the poor fish if its too many, which i think it is. i think i'm better off just putting 1 male or female into my tank, but i don't want them to be lonely, so i might put a snail or two in as well. my little brother had a snail and we got snail food, and it fogged up the tank so much you couldn't see anything. is there anything you can feed a snail that won't fog up the water.


Large Fish
Mar 22, 2010
My snails pretty much eat anything that drops to the bottom, so a bit of extra fish food will feed them okay.

Its true about female bettas, but from what I'd read you need atleast 5 for it to work out and not stress out the fish, and I'd also say you really need a 10 gallon for that. If bettas are something you're interested in, a 10 gallon tank is really cheap, but if you're just interested in filling up your 3 gallon you could just get one betta (male or female), or maybe some type of shrimp?