Betta fish disappeared overnight!


Small Fish
Nov 15, 2016
Just a side note... ADFs and ACFs should not (!) be kept together. The ACFs will eventually (often very quickly) kill and eat the ADFs. The ADF simply cannot defend himself against the larger and better armed ACF, and the latter sees the former as food. You may find some that will peacefully co-exist, but it's rare. Personally, I've always preferred the ADFs for community settings, as mine have never shown ANY aggression toward tank-mates... Not even the cherry shrimp! :0 They do sometimes scuffle with each other, but they have never done any real harm... And it's funny to watch. :D

Feb 24, 2018
My kids have had two betta’s for a few years. They’ve lived a lot longer than I expected, especially because they won them at the school carnival! They keep them in separate fish bowls, nothing fancy, no filters or anything, and just the Betta is in the bowl, no other fish or anything.
Well, the other morning my son went to feed his and it was GONE! No sign of it anywhere! No fins or skeleton or any sign that it died either! We don’t have a cat or little kids that would get into the bowl (my kids are 10 & 15).
Where the heck could it have gone???