Bacterial Bloom in Established Brackish Tank

Sep 30, 2004
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I had a 26 gallon brackish tank with gravel. About a year ago, I switched to Stony River aquarium sand, which is great. It says it doesn't need to be rinsed but I did anyway. Water got cloudy. I did water changes and it helped but then it would get cloudy again.

I later upgraded to a 36 gallon. I have some mollies and a violet goby. I do over feed a bit because I want to make sure my idiot goby can find enough food. But even when I cut back, it didn't change much.

I use this filter ( with an added bit of batting to filter more. I can't afford one of those UV cleaners. Is there anything else I can do? More biological filter media? More/less light?

The hood light quit and isn't replaceable, which is fine because my goby likes it dim.