Aqueon Evolve 2 reef build


Large Fish
Feb 16, 2008
Oceanside, CA
Super excited to get back into the saltwater game. My lady bought me a aqueon evolve 2g this past weekend and I could hardly wait to get it going. I've already added 4.5lbs of live rock, 2" of sand and ordered a Green Elements 12 LED clip on light. Adding some chaeto to the filter area as well as a heater and some purigen. I have a short video showing the new lighting. Please feel free to comment and share any advice you have! THANKS!



Elite Fish
Jul 19, 2004
Cape Cod
Ah, new SW tanks look so crisp and clean with the white rocks / sand...

Is that rock on top one piece or two? I ask because it is rather close to the right hand side wall and cleaning the wall will become difficult. If it is already in two pieces it may be worth examining how it looks with only one of the top pieces in there. Would give more water volume and space in there as well, and more room for corals.

Are you planning inverts only or are you going to add a "micro" fish?