Aquatic Photography: A Personal Experience


Medium Fish
Nov 17, 2010
Pierre SD
Just for your information before I get to the nitty-gritty of my critique, the silicone cover in the one picture is called a "merger" and should be avoided. Just coming from a guy who did take a photography class or three :)

But BY FAR your pictures are much better than mine. My tank is scratched to hell(well my 55G) because I got it second hand and didnt have much control over what I could and couldnt get. You had all of the correct terms except maybe one...the over exposed and stuff works well....but you could be more precise to say "white balance"

I havent tried much photography with my tanks par my cell phone for quick pictures. I lent my dad my D40 camera and never got it back so its not that im chosing not to. Very well explained. Amazing discription

Do you use the auto shoot or set the settings yourself on Manual