Anyone know about Red Honey Gouramis?

Jan 31, 2009
Near LA
I still want a gourami as a centerpiece fish, and my LFS only has two kinds: kissing gouramis (way too big already) and Red honey gouramis. I'm assuming these are similar to honew dwarf gouramis, but want to be sure I don't get something that will get too big.

Dec 1, 2010

I also got a little problem with my Red Honey Gouramis.I'm quite concern about they behaviour.What it is,few days ago I spotted two of them were circling around each other,touching each other with their long "sensors".They were also kissing "mouth to mouth" and slightly biting each othe.Well,not eally biting,it looked like it,but they were doing it very gently,and were not aiming for fins or eyes,only gently hitting their sides.And as soon as the other Gouramis were drifting closer,one of those two started to chase them away (I have 4 Red Honey Gouramis).This happened twice,on sunday and monday evening.During the day everything is fine,all are swimming slowly,gently "eating bubbles" off plants,looking for food on the bottom,and so on.They swimming in group all toghether,and I can't see anything wrong.They responding for food normally,eating normally,so I don't think they sick.Is that normal behaviour?