algae solution for brackish tanks, i hope

Sep 5, 2011
New Jersey
so ive had this annoyingly brown alage for a little bit. it comes away with a scrub, but that requires me to not be lazy.

while at my LFS today mopping up around close ups i peeked in one of the brackish tanks to see what we had in stock and saw a rare sight. a common pleco. stunned, i turned to the curator of the freshwater section and asked for an explanation.

he said the pleco had been in the store for weeks, almost a month, nobody was interested because he was a little larger than most want for a new pleco. then he said he was tired of the algae that had been growing in the tank so he just dropped the fish in, without acclimation (yes it seems terrible and acclimation is a normal practice at the store, i cant account for his actions).

what do you know, 3 hours later, all the algae was gone and there the pleco sat, content as can be, and yes, alive.

Now this pleco was larger so it was something ridiculous like $15. i found one only slightly smaller for $5.99 and gave it a full blown drip acclimation. its only been like 15 minutes since it was placed in the tank, but i'm hoping for similar results.