African Butterflies


Small Fish
Aug 7, 2009
So i really want to get one or two African Butterflies, which are fairly aggressive, but relatively small... i have a planted 55 with 12 asst. rainbows which are upper mid level dwellers a pair of clown loaches a BN pleco.... i just need someone with experience with the species to give me the thumbs up.

Apr 14, 2008
I'd say...go for it! Those fish should be big enough to hold their own! The only thing I'd be worried about is the Rainbowfish picking on the butterflies...If you keep an eye on them and see how they do, I think you'd be able to pull it off!

BTW...I want some butterflies too!! They are greatness!


Medium Fish
Oct 22, 2009
Chicagoland area
hi i've had my butterfly fish for a year or so their pretty cool got mine at walmart the guy didnt know what it was i ended up twelling him to charge me for an upside down catfish. mine eats crickets flies and small chunks of krill shrimp. it will eat flakes if starving but will also start going to the bottom of the tank to hunt if not fed properly usually always stays at the top of tank meaning u have to keep back of the hood covered well mine has escaped three times and all three times was not found til about 5-10 minutes after it happened its survived everytime last time did catch an infection but with the help of some melafix he healed up nicely. still a neat fish to have i would recommend one as long as remembers they can jump so be careful and good luck. *celebrate