45 gallon

Sep 5, 2011
New Jersey
so im in the process of buying a 45 gallon tank. in it i hope to put a needle nose gar, a freshwater barracuda, and my blue lobster.

also i need ideas for filters (types, brands, sizes, etc.) and heaters, along with real plants vs live plants.


Superstar Fish
They can get 10-14" in a tank. In a large indoor pond or in the wild where they have game fish to eat and hunt they can get to 14-28" long.
I was referring to the first post about freshwater barracuda (Acestrorhynchus falcirostris), sorry at work and can get distracted. Before mine died it was just under 16". Mine liked to eat frogs and huge night crawlers. I never got mine to eat anything dead unless it was something he just killed. He got along great with my other SA cichlids, never a problem from him being mean ever!! Not a real colorful fish just impressive due to its huge mouth and size.