37g freshwater aquarium setup, Worcester MA area


Elite Fish
Jul 19, 2004
Cape Cod
37 gallon aquarium set up, currently running with filter, heater, air pump, cleaning supplies, food, thermometer, etc. Has full hood / light. Oak colored frame / light. Aquarium dimensions are 30" x 12.5" by 24" high. Comes with a 46 gallon flat-topped aquarium stand (so there is a little lip around the base of the aquarium). All in good condition and good working order. Also includes multicolored gravel, decorations (realistic looking plants and caves), and automatic light timer. The filter is a hang-on-back type, an aquaclear I believe but not sure.

It has 2 angelfish which would ideally go with it (this pair has actually laid eggs once, but none survived).

I'm asking $100 for the entire setup.

It is currently set up in Millbury. I will be available on June 28-29th (Thurs and Fri) or July 12, 13, or 15 (Thurs, Fri, Sun). Can possibly make arrangements to see it in person at another time, but those times I would be available to help move it.

I apologize but I do not have any pictures of the entire set up and stand. Other fish in the pictures have passed on. It only has the 2 angels now.

Pictures at this thread: