20 Gallon Stocking Help

Apr 1, 2017
Hi! I'm pretty new to fish, but I'm currently planning a 20 gallon tank. I'm pretty obsessed with kuhli loaches so I would really like a school of them in there. What would be good fish to go with them? I've read that corydoras are pretty cool but since loaches and cories are both bottom feeders I'm not sure how that would work. Any suggestions?

Jan 8, 2009
Excellent size to start with. You could always add 6-7 White Cloud Mountain minnows, Fancy guppies, or even some mollies. Anyone of those 3 species would work fine with your Kuhli loaches. I had 4 Kuhlis years ago, kept a few red-tailed sharks and phantom tetras with them. Hope I helped you with an idea or two. Good luck!