13L Pico Marine Aquarium (Newb)

Sep 3, 2010
Hey guys!

I have a 13L pico aquarium being built for me right now :)

It is going to be four weeks before I get it so I thought I would try and go on a research rampage!

Has anyone got any Pico tips? Any advice? Anything I should be thinking about?

I literally knew nothing this time last week.

So I should have:

8"l x 10"w x10"d

2.5 Gallons UK – 3.4 Gallons US = 13 Litres

Full built in filter system with 3 filter chambers and heater chamber.

Hydor Theo 50w heater

Eheim compact 300L

Dymax robot led light

Filter bags for the chambers.

And I have to buy:

1) TMC Sand 4KG - £6.19
2) Living Rock 1kg? - £12
3) D-D Refractometer? - £35
4) Chemi Pure Elite? - £4.99
5) RO Unit - £50ish (Can get water from shop instead)
6) Thermometer - £2
7) Tetra Marine Salt 2kg - £7
8) API Liquid Saltwater Master Test Kit - £28.99

Any other info would be amazing!!!


Oct 29, 2010
Haha, sorry Rob! The saltwater section is a bit slower around here. There are a few people who come around that are seriously experts and they'll be here with excellent advice eventually :)

I only know about freshwater so I can offer only moral support! Good luck!