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    Freshwater Platy issues HELP

    New to this site and im looking for help. Today my mother Platy died and the only visible signs i could see were black specks on the fins. She started having trouble balancing as of yesterday and im hoping my other fish wont be affected. Image attached of the specks Please note that these...
  2. J

    Any help on determining what sex my fish is???

    Hi all Could you please help and advise me what sex my fish is?? I assumed it was male however ive noticed the other fish are following it around tank and wont give it a minutes peace.
  3. C

    Is my platy pregnant?!

    Hi guys, we bought a couple of platy for my daughters tank. we've noticed a dark spot at the back of the female, and she got really fat, fast! I thought she got a little square shape going on so I bought a breeding box for her, but after 3 days nothing happened but her shape has changed again...
  4. H

    Male platy gonopodium

    Hi there, I'm fairly new to platies, having always kept goldfish so I apologise if this sounds weird or basic. .. I have a male platy whose tank mate died a mysterious, unexplained death a few days ago (only had her a few days, was very small and i think probably arrived with problems). He...
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    Platy behavior

    Hello! I have 5 platies and I think there are 2 females and 3 males (I know this isn't a proper ratio). It seems that 2 males are harassing one of the females who recently gave birth on July 9th. They won't leave her alone. Why are they doing this? Should I separate her from the others? We just...