1. A

    Need Help with 2 Questions relating to my 10 gallon tank

    First question, I was wondering how many more fish i could fit in my 10 gallon tank, I currently have 2 neon blue dwarf gourami and 1 albino algae eater catfish or something like that. And second question, i was wondering what type of fish are there that are generally small, dont need a school...
  2. N

    Stocking Question

    Hi all. I just want to confirm that I'm stocked okay (a wee bit overstocked is okay, as I do religious weekly water changes). I currently have: 10 cardinal tetras 7 albino cory cats 3 dwarf honey gouramis 4 swordtails (one male, 3 females) 2 African dwarf frogs (yes, they eat!) 1 Bolivian...
  3. A

    New to Cichlids

    Hey I just bought two Cichlids from my LFS. They were unhelpful in being specific about the ones I bought. Hoping you guys could help identify the type I have.
  4. Laura_b

    New tank - stocking.

    Hi all, I've recently got my first tank (yay!), it's 20litres, and at the moment we have three kuhli loaches and three neon tetras. I'm planning on getting 2-3 more neons, but I'm not sure what else to get. Any suggestions on nice tank mates? I'm thinking of at least one more bottom feeder...
  5. Laura_b


    Hi all, my boyfriend and I just got our first tank of freshwater tropicals yesterday, though I have has childhood experience. So far we have three kuhli loaches and three neon tetras (will be getting more in future). Problem being that two of the kuhlis keep jumping, one more so than the other...