1. A

    Help please??

    30 Gallon Tank What do y'all think? 5Sterba Cory Catfish 6Black Phantom Tetra 2Angelfish 1Bristlenose Pleco 2Kuhli Loach
  2. Laura_b

    Little loachy and fatty.

    Third and significantly smaller kuhli loach passed a couple of days ago - happily swimming around the tank and zipping about before settling down again. Checked on him to see him belly up and twitching. Isolated him and he didn't recover :( Found flame tailed guppy belly up on the bottom of the...
  3. Laura_b


    Hi all, my boyfriend and I just got our first tank of freshwater tropicals yesterday, though I have has childhood experience. So far we have three kuhli loaches and three neon tetras (will be getting more in future). Problem being that two of the kuhlis keep jumping, one more so than the other...