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    Betta sick and I don't know why? Help!

    I have had my betta for a few months now and over the past 1 or 2 days he has just sat on the bottom of the tank and hasn't eaten, when i go to see if hes alive (by brushing water around him) he darts around very quickly and returns to the same spot on the ground. I looked online and did the...
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    Help my catfish is ill

    I have a royal pleco catfish. He is lying with his mouth up. We have asked our local shop and they said to keep him in the dark and give him some food. Is there anything else we can do. Any help will be thanked
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    I need help with my goldfish

    Hi there, so my two year old goldfish is looking ill, she will pickup flake and spit it out again after about 3 seconds, I'm really worried, when I walked to the tank she seemed pretty hungry. This is the THIRD DAY, I don't know what to do, please help me..:(