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    Guppy questions

    On the 26th I bought some Guppys for my ten gallon tank. I bought two males and two females. I didn't know much about them. Besides they need a tropical aquarium and what not. I've been reading more about them and I now know they breed quite easily. I thought it would be kind of cool if they...
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    Green leopard puffer fish squirting?

    I recently started a tank with one green leopard puffer and added a new one today. I was aware there was a high possibility of aggression so I've been watching them very closely. At first the fish kindof eyed eachother and laid next to eachother a few inches apart. After about 30 minutes the...
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    Breeding Bettas help

    my male betta has made a bubble nest, and my female betta has vertical stripes and is full of eggs, how long will it take to breed them?