betta fish

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    Betta help?!

    went to feed my betta two days ago and he was having a difficult time trying to grasp onto any of his food, he ended up darting around the bowl and then floated to the surface flavoring his gills. It seems like he can't breathe, he was in a bowl so we put him in a new clean bowl thinking it's...
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    Betta fish white fuzz. **HELP**

    Hi, this is my first time on a forum. Hope I am doing everything right. So I have a betta fish that I just bought on Saturday-5 days ago. She is a veil tail betta named Finn. She looked perfectly healthy at petsmart when I bought her. Then probably the third day of having her I noticed a little...
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    Little bubbles all over tank walls and plants?

    I've had my betta, Sombra, for two months now and today i relocated him to a new 10 gallon tank in hopes add some other kinds of fish in with him soon. When I filled up the tank, these tiny bubbles formed on everything in the tank(even a few are on the marimo he has). I don't remember this...