1. B

    Please help me Learn About Aquariums!

    Hello! I am a business school student and am doing a research project about the aquarium/aquatic life business. I'd love to learn more about the types of aquariums you own and your current method of purchasing fish. If you're willing to complete a 5 minute survey to contribute your...
  2. A

    Help please??

    30 Gallon Tank What do y'all think? 5Sterba Cory Catfish 6Black Phantom Tetra 2Angelfish 1Bristlenose Pleco 2Kuhli Loach
  3. A

    Need help please

    I'm wanting to stock my 30gallon aquarium. I'm thinking to schools would be okay. I'm thinking of a school of 5kuhli loach. I have read if you don't keep at least 5 they will always be hiding. Then my second school I want Bala shark of 5. I have read if you don't keep them in a school that they...
  4. W

    How do I cover the filter for my African Dwarf Frog?

    Hello, this is my first time posting, so I'm sorry if I am not doing this correctly! I am planning to get an African Dwarf Frog for my tank that I am currently cycling. I have read that the frogs can get sucked into filters, so it is important to cover up the filter. I have a tank with a...
  5. Savannah Monitor Momma

    Tank expansion possibilities

    So I have three 40 gallon breeder tanks and currently I use one for my Savannah monitor. I want to make his environment bigger but it's extremely hard to find a terrirum that meets his needs. I want to join two of the 40 gallon tanks together but not sure how. They won't be holding water...