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    Bogwood Black Dots

    hello, My first post here. I have had my tank for over a year now, and my bogwood for about 6 months. My bogwood today has got a lot of little black dots on it. No idea why. As well as this, over the last week the wood has started to go white at the front. i don’t seem to be able to upload...
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    Goldfish/Freshwater sump help for beginner.

    Howdy, I'll preface with I'm definitely committed to keeping the fish alive and healthy. I'm a non-keeper that recently acquired a 40-gallon tall tank for $3.00 and am looking to get 2-3 fancy goldfish and a couple of hillstream loaches. I know goldfish can get pretty obnoxious with the...
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    Algae.... Algae everywhere!

    Hey guys, experiencing some more algae growth than normal. So I wanted to ask, what do you do for your algae? Normal scrubbing? Do you take a algacide approach? Or rely on your snails? Let me know what you think is the best way!
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    Black spots-what are they?

    Hello! Just purchased some moss balls for my tank and now that they're in I've noticed tiny black spots. Just wondered if they were eggs or anything..? They don't seem to have jelly around them but I have no experience with diagnosing this kind of thing. Here are some photos... On the moss by...