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  1. Matt Nace

    rescued shubunkin

    Did the meds you used work on parasites like worms? Look up parasites and see if anything looks like what he has. I can't tell in your pic. I would recommend a quartine tank as well if your worried and treat him in there
  2. Matt Nace

    Im kind of concerned....

    Hi. Funny cause I just picked up 10 of these today. I think the tend to be shy at first. When I introduced mine they seem in a school and later disappeared behind rocks. Wasn't til I fed that they came out eventually. I know they do get used to us feeding and should come after the food. You may...
  3. Matt Nace


    Welcome Jim!
  4. Matt Nace


    Hi Chelsea. How are you liking your fish?
  5. Matt Nace

    The Best Gravel Vacuum Cleaners For Your Aquarium

    I still use my Python after many many years. Best tool I ever got for the aquarium. Only part that needed replacement was the part that connected to your faucet. Mine was plastic. I replaced it with metal. The picture above looks like it comes with a metal one.