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    Filter media for the nano reef aquarium!

    hey guys! New topic I want to touch on.... Filter media, what is it that you're using? Why you're using it? Basic to advanced media...? What's the BEST in your opinion! Let me know, personally I'm looking for some nitrate reduction help. I know water changes can be the key husbandry to...
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    Nano protein skimmers.....? Help!

    hey guys, I know I've been posting a lot but I like this section of the forum and the advice is great so thanks for all your help! So.... Protein skimmers? Good or bad for nano tanks? What are some good brand and quality protein skimmers? From what I've read there's really only a benefit to...
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    Algae.... Algae everywhere!

    Hey guys, experiencing some more algae growth than normal. So I wanted to ask, what do you do for your algae? Normal scrubbing? Do you take a algacide approach? Or rely on your snails? Let me know what you think is the best way!
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    Nano refugium?!

    A cool topic to touch on with everyone. What do we think about nano refugium add-ons? Size really matter? Pros and cons? Is it worth the hassle or is it a great way for a healthier set-up? Let's hear it!
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    I did a big NO-NO

    So, I've been in the aquatic hobby for a few years now. Honestly... I should have known better here. But here it goes (slightly embarrass) I recently set-up my first nano saltwater tank. A very fun project I've been doing. My eagerness got the best of me. The original set up I had going was the...