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    My albino cory has fish has little red spots

    My cory cat ablino fish has tiny red spots all over its body, What i do know it did come out of a plant that it got stuck on, Is this a injuiry or a disease?
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    Why did my snail die in 3 days

    He was fine for 2 days, Then at 3 days i was worried, So i pulled him out and he smelled very bad, He never even came out of his shell.
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    I watched my fish die...

    I have a black molly infected with ich, He was swimming so healthy then instantly his body became stiff and he sunk to the bottom, Do ick kill fish mysteriously? Edit: I also did use a plastic cup to scoop up a broken decaration that went to the surface before the death of the molly, The...
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    What fish are easy to keep as a beginner?

    I already have mistakenly bought fish that is for advanced fish keepers, What fish are easy to take care of?
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    Are betta fish the strongest fish?

    Just a question i have a betta fish next to my 10 gal tank, And he managed to survive bulging eyes, Fin rot, Dirty water, Managed to live in a bowl, Cloudy water, And thought i needed to feed him each week, So are they the strongest or hardy fish out there?
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    My tank is corrupted what should i do?

    I have a tiger barb nonstop chasing fish same as their size, And my mollies are agressive and killing fish, My first fish that died look like it got stuck and suffocated, Then the 2nd fish looks like it suffocated too instead a molly looked like i was helping it get unstuck, My 3rd one died and...