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    FreshyFresh? I need your help

    Hi. Your help a couple years ago saved the life of my 4yo golden Chinese algae eater, Lemmy. Lemmy is now 6.5yo, thanks to you. I have another fish issue I can’t make heads nor tails of (unintended pun). I have 6 Congo tetras in my 75g tank (which now gets a 50% change weekly); one male and 5...
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    Vertical swimmer

    Hi :) I have a lemon tetra that is about 3 years old and for the last few months he has been swimming with his head pointing upward. At first I assumed he was dying, but 3 months later, he's still here. When he darts across the tank, he swims horizontally. He is eating normally and is extremely...
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    Golden Algae Eater Getting Black Goop on his Belly

    Hi all I have searching for a while online trying find help with this, to no avail. I would be most grateful if someone here could help me. I have a gcae named Lemmy. He (she?) is 4 years old. He is in a 75g tank that uses an external pump rated for up to 300g. I do weekly 25% changes, and the...