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  1. big54bob

    Found a baby Emperor Tetra

    Feed hikari first bites and baby brine shrimp, looks like he's about a month old so he must be doing good so far.
  2. big54bob

    Hello, Hi, Hey.

    Male stripper? :p
  3. big54bob

    My tank water is pink

    You have any driftwood in your tank? Could have some tannins leaching out in your tank somewhere.
  4. big54bob

    Fish id !

    Ranchu goldfish
  5. big54bob

    Ready for an algae eater! But which kind?

    Mystery snails DO NOT need brackish water to breed. They also make piss poor algae eaters compared to other fish/snails. As for OP, how bout a nerite snail and a few amano shrimp? I have 10 amanos in my 14 gallon planted tank and have yet to have an algae issue.
  6. big54bob

    Anyone else???

    I watch him but I really prefer watching Aquarium Co-Op and Steenfott Aquatics more since they deal in fish I personally enjoy.
  7. big54bob

    LED lighting for planted tank

    Unless you count algae as a plant I'd ditch it, I've heard good things about the finnex planted+ and it seems reasonable.
  8. big54bob

    Need help identifying snail species

    Well for one your lfs guy is an idiot. Only the smooth shell nerites are freshwater compatable. I would remove them and if you can return them for a refund.
  9. big54bob

    settig up new tank

    If you leave the water at a hard rate you could keep tang cichlids or a small species of mbuna. Although 8.6 is on the high side even for african cichlids.
  10. big54bob

    The get to know everyone else thread!

    HI my name is deffinatleynotbob 1. How old are you? I'm 22 2. What are your living arrangements? Parents' basement 3. What do you drive? 03 Grand Am 4. Whats your favorite drink (non-alcoholic)? Screw the rules beer and whiskey 5. Whats your favorite restauraunt? Anywhere I haven't been 6...
  11. big54bob

    New to Cichlids

    1st one is a turquoise jewel cichlid, if you get a pair they breed like jack rabbits. 2nd one is a mbuna of some sorts. Probably a hybrid.
  12. big54bob

    My Projects

    The only damsel's I would trust is the Springer's Damsel and the yellow tail. Rest of them can be mean SOBs.
  13. big54bob

    Risk of using external cannister filters?

    Unless you screwed up with the filter installation you should have an issue with flooding. I havn't heard of anyone having flooding issues before.
  14. big54bob

    Question about 36 gallon tank

    So here is my 2 cents about your horrible tank stocking and what you really should do a bout correcting it. 1 adult Electric Blue Acara: I gennerally prefer keeping acaras in a 36" tank since they can get up to 8" in length. He might eat your danios down the road so be prepared for that. 2...
  15. big54bob

    My Projects

    If you need live rock for a good price i heard good things about
  16. big54bob

    Betta Tankmates

    Yeah no, 7 female bettas in a 10 gallon is too much. I would only do the 4 bettas and then bump the white cloud school up to 7 or so so you can have a proper school. The white clouds should help with dispersing aggression with the bettas so you should be good there. You might be able to fit a...
  17. big54bob

    Betta Tank Mate Suggestions

    Penquin tetras get too big for a 5.5 gal. I would just either get some ottos or some snails. I used to keep endlers with a betta in 5.5 but it might be pushing it.
  18. big54bob


    Not much, just working and trying to figure out the meaning to life. Just got a dog a couple of months back.
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    C-Man whats crackalackin?
  20. big54bob

    What Did You Buy Recently?

    I bought a puppy