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  1. FroggyFox

    Tank Mates for Aggressive Danios

    Danios are voracious eaters, so I'd agree that you don't want to put any shrimp in with them. 5 danios in a 10g should be fine, but they'd love to have a bigger tank whenever you feel like upgrading :) Luckily danios are also pretty clean fish so you can get away with adding a nerite snail no...
  2. FroggyFox

    Undergravel filters

    I ran a reverse UGF for a while a few year ago in conjunction with a HOB filter and I don't think you can beat the bioload capacity of using all (or a large part) of your gravel as a filter. That being said, when I got tired of looking at the towers I had to completely rip the tank apart to get...
  3. FroggyFox

    I'm back.......maybe

    Hey Brian!
  4. FroggyFox

    Setting up a new tank

    Bigger tanks have more stability. I have my betta in a little tank with some java fern and a little piece of driftwood and a snail. It just has a little internal filter (filter inside the tank), and the place I have it in stays warm enough without a heater, but I have a thermometer in it so I...
  5. FroggyFox

    Setting up a new tank

    In addition to what Freshy said, be sure nothing you use to clean it has had soap on it! Most tanks will come clean with warm water and elbow grease :)
  6. FroggyFox

    my pictus catfish needs help!

    Fish are pretty fragile things. Even if they are struggling through water quality issues, once they get visibly sick many times they go downhill very quickly. Stress really builds up and makes them even sicker. Best thing you can do is be sure to do partial water changes until you can get...
  7. FroggyFox

    my pictus catfish needs help!

    Hi, welcome to MFT. Did you read all of the posts in this thread? There is some good information there. In my opinion a 20 gallon tank is WAY too small for a pictus, let alone 2. Pictus cats are also not compatible with goldfish because the water conditions that they like are so different. Also...