Hellooo there!

My name is Catlin, interesting factoid:

Catlin (cat-lin) is boy's name! (also used as girl's name), the name Catlin is of Irish origin. Variant of Catherine (Greek) "pure". Surname: George Catlin was an American traveler and artist of the mid 19th century who is famous for his penetrating portraits of Native Americans.

... But my friends just call me Cat.

I have a fascination with animals, science, biology and nature. I was one of those weird smart kids who had a Magnum P.I. addiction and preferred watching National Geographic, The History channel and happy little Bob Ross lol. I spent the entirety of my childhood outside, wild and barefoot, climbing trees, playing in the dirt and catching snakes in the woods, to be honest, I still find that all quite appealing.

I don't get outside nearly as much as I would like to anymore, and I've found my time is often monopolized by other things not nearly as interesting, but when I am being interesting I enjoy reading (fave books: The Hobbit, Ender's Game), writing, photography, and pencil art. I've always had a very vivid and colorful imagination, and very much enjoy self expression through my creativity and sharing the inner workings of my mind with others.

When I'm not being creative, I'm competitive. I own and host an online gaming community and website, founded in 2008, we currently have 7 custom modded TF2 servers on a fully dedicated Linux box running a Dual Quad Core Xeon CPUs at 2.4Ghz, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, and Ubuntu 12.04. As the community grows, my free time shrinks lol. We currently have a player base of roughly 2000 people and still growing! (Lord have mercy!)

As I said, I'm an animal lover, and have kept many interesting pets in the past! Rats, mice, lizards, snakes, parakeets, doves, rabbits, frogs, turtles, newts, salamanders, hamsters, gerbils, hermit crabs, dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs... I even had a pet praying mantis once! That was pretty cool...

I currently have a 75 gallon freshwater aquarium
November 26th, 2011, home to a lonely Comet Goldfish named... well, it's kind of been changing, haven't really settled on a name yet, but I'm thinking about Marvel or Stunner.

My tank used to be home to a couple of other fish:
• Merlin - Orange Comet Goldfish (he made 7 of my 12 minnows disappear the first night I got him, the minnows were left over from the tank cycle, he's a freakin' wizard!) he was 6" long.
• Tatonka - A BEAutiful Calico Ryukin Goldfish, my prize.
• Banjo - Pleco, whom I have re-homed with a friend, he's 15" long now and STUNNING!

The two goldfish listed above passed away after an unfortunate black algae incident... broke my heart and I stopped fish keeping for a while.

I also have 2 dogs!
Lady - Jack Russell/Pug
Matilda (Tilly) - Teacup/Appleface Chihuahua

I'd have a small petting zoo if my husband wasn't so reasonable and skilled in the art of verbal judo >_>

Speaking of my husband, yes, I am married! I know, all of the good ones are taken! lol. I met my husband on a site called plentyoffish.com, which I find pretty cool considering I'm a fish lover. I had to do a little persuading to get him to call me, considering I was 18 years his junior and 9 years younger than the minimum age restriction listed on his profile. You can read our love story we wrote together: http://www.mywedding.com/catlinandjason/stories.html

Well, that's me in a nutshell, well, more like a small novelette... I'm an open book so don't be afraid to ask questions!

Feesh, Writing, Photography, Pencil Drawing, Comic Strips, Online Gaming, Graphic Design.
Dec 31, 1988 (Age: 32)
Dayton, OH


75 Gallon Bare Bottom Tank (Established November 26th, 2011)
1 Comet
Fluval C4 Power Filter
API Liquid Master Kit