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    Pregnant Neon Swordtail?

    If it's a female and has been with males within 6-12 months, then yes. I'd recommend rehoming her though as they need a 29 g minimum and she'll also have 50-100 fry every month for 6-12 months after her last contact with a male.:)
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    Tank Mates for Aggressive Danios

    I apologise, but I don't believe a fish that can get 4.8" is appropriate for a 10g, especially if their bioload is as large as it is. I'd never recommend it, so I'll have to disagree with your opinion.:)
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    Help on Platies?

    Sorry but no, you couldn't. The only fish you can keep in that size tank would be a Betta. If you wanted to keep both genders as well you'd need 1m-2f ratio. But I honestly don't suggest females as they give birth to 50-100 fry every month for 6-12 months after their last contact with a male...
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    Is my guppy pregnant?

    If she's been with a male within 6-12 months then yes, she is. Keep in mind with these guys that they will give birth to 50-100 fry every month for 6-12 months after their last contact with a male.
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    What can I do with these fry?

    I'd let them free swim because very month you'll get 50-100 fry per female and it will not stop if they are with a male. What size tank, what's the male to female ratio? I'd go in Craigslist and other sites like that and advertise as well as calling around at fish stores to see if they'll take them.
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    Dwarf Gourami Question-Help

    Looks like bloat, I have some questions- Water parameters What size tank Temp You can try Epsom salt, nor aquarium as aquarium does the opposite as what you want it to do. You'll need to fast for three days and feed on the third day a pea. Repeat. I'd be wary of salt though as it can cause...
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    Red wag platy pregnant?

    Looks like you have two females, if she's been with a male within at least 6 months then yes. She will give birth to 50-100 fry every month for 6-12months. What size tank? I see you have a Molly and they need a 29g. I'd say 2-1 weeks.
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    Just to be sure ...

    What size tank are you getting? If it's a it's a fancy they need a 29g and 10-20g more For each new addition. Kind of. Since she's in such a small tank she could easily be unhappy living in such a small tank. I think the amount of waterchanges your doing is ok, just make sure the temp is close...
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    Beginner Aquarium Hobbyist

    If there are a few gaps it should be fine. A few istances a betta as jumped through the feeding hole, but it's uncommon. Most of the time if you have a happy and healthy Betta, then it shouldn't be a problem. Nice aquascape. Keep us updated please.
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    Beginner Aquarium Hobbyist

    Size of tank Congrats! You have the min tank size for a betta that's great!:D most beginners start of with a bowl/1g. The only concern is have with that tank is that it's open topped so a betta could jump out. But I imagine if you add floating plants(live) it should help discourage jumping...
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    So I finally upgraded!

    What type of ram? I don't suggest getting three, two max. They'll be fine, but if they start breeding then they can get aggressive. Bigger the better on schools. Maybe 8 tetras and 8 cories(make sure temp compatible), along with two Rams and a dg.
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    Worst Fish Advice Ever

    Hello, I'm actually a member on fishlore, I can't say what happened and all because I don't know. But I have personally found them to be very helpful, and no offence to this forum or any other, but that they are more correct on most of the information given. Most of the time if somone gives bad...
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    Beginner Aquarium Hobbyist

    Hello! Got a few questions for your;) What size tank Do you know the nitrogen Cycle Do you have a liquid test kit Do you have a filter Do you have a heater Do you know how to do waterchanges
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    Too many cycling fish

    What size tank? Did you use food or fish?
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    Advice on fish school densities

    Sorry, made that unclear, I meant they need a group of 5+ and a 15g tank minimum for neons and 20g for danios(minus CPD's).