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  • I had discussed the issue with our LFS owner. She advised me against replacing the trim. She shared her experience of having the side joints get all wobbly with the top trim off during the process and the tank then getting leaks. She sent me to a local glass place that had glued in actual glass supports for her instead. Once I got there, the guy looked at the tank and told me that my tank was a sturdy tempered glass that would not have the issues she described and advised me to go ahead. He had made his own aquariums from scrap glass including a 125g. I trusted his advice. It was harder then I thought getting the old trim off, but he was right. It was solid as a rock without it. I had to hammer the new trim down, tight fit. The tank has been full ever since without issue.
    The biggest pain will be emptying it. And you do have to. You can't trust the side joints full of water. I wouldn't worry about the substrate though. And go easy on the silicone with the new trim. Good luck!
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