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    Disturbed my molting Fiddler

    I wouldn't think you have hurt it any. however, I'd leave it be and hope that everything goes ok. I've had crawdads die in the middle of molting. it's not common but it does happen, something goes wrong with the molt and they stress, or they get part way out and get cut on something sharp, since...
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    Bogwood Black Dots

    the black dots, may be spots of blackbeard algae. stuff can be a major pain to rid if thats what it happens to be. I let it go in my cichlid tank and it worked for the decor. but i can see it being unsightly. as for the wood going white on the front, only thing i could think of would possibly be...
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    growing outdoors

    I'll look into that but with living right around swamps and the mississippi river, I don't think misquito control is high on the list lin my area
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    growing outdoors

    I was thinking about going down to the lake and getting some sunfish. But I know they like to jump and the tank will not be maintained like the ones in the house. So low oxygen may be an issue. If gouramies were not so expensive I would consider them.
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    What Did You Buy Recently?

    Dafodill brichardi. Breeding pair. I've have 3 successful spawn but had an issue and lost one adult and most fry. But the remaining fry should be able to restock the tank once they get to size.
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    growing outdoors

    I'm planning on growing some plants outdoors. I have a 55 gallon that split a seam, so don't trust it in a house ever again but still wanna use it. So last fall I caulked it up really well so it will hold water. But what I don't want is a misquito farm. Any ideas on what kinda fish I could put...