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  • Heyhey! Long time no chat!

    Glad to see you're still kicking around the forums :) I've been so busy the last year with college and stuff I had kind of forgotten about this site honestly.

    I still got crays! LOL I never managed to successfully hatch babies, but I found some few-day-old crays in a fish tank in the city that the employees hadn't even seen, so they sold me as many as they could catch for .25cent a piece LOL It was great. They were redclaws too and I like them alot. I still have 2 out of 40 for myself, my fiancee has 3. The rest were sold and a few died of course. Anyway it was great fun to raid itty bitty cray babies :)

    Anyway, nough about me, how have you been?
    hello im in cb ia i have malawi cichlids that constantly breed i have my local fish store stocked and i need to find buyers/traders/adopters, but prefer to sell cheap.
    if you have any info that might help me or if you are interested please contact me.
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