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  • Afraid of guppies! LOL:) Our UV light is a clamp style. Its aimed at his basking area on one end of the tank. The other end of the tank has a lid/regular fish light combo.She probably doesn't have a UV light. Some turtle keepers try to get away without them by putting the tank in the sun. Here are some things we have learned:) Some internet sites will tell you that some fish are fine with turtles. Wrong. And, how far can you fill your tank? You will ask yourself. Those little flipper feet are for digging and swimming, surely he can't pull himself up over the side of the tank. Yes, surely he CAN! He will survive the fall and run about your house until he hits a corner and will patiently wait for you to come find him. He will also repeat this little trick if you think he learned his lesson and will act insulted that you took so long to find him 2 rooms away, under the bed, behind some monster trucks...napping, and full of dog hair. A lid over his basking area keeps him in line, so far:)
    hi thankyou for your advice for turtle care.

    I was actually thinking maybe I could just let him have the 55g. Then I don't know if I can put the uv light in the right position?
    I don't know what he is coming with...I'm told he has a rock for a basking area and that he is fully aquatic. Thats all..oh and hes afraid of guppies.
    But the woman who has him now...can't know much because she said to put the tank in the sun which as a fish leeper I know that is wrong for many reasons.
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